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Joe Qiao private tour guide

Joe, your private guide for Beijing / Peking and its neighborhood

Introduction: my name is Gerard Oeters. In 2006, I have visited Beijing with my wife Elma. During this first holiday in Beijing we met Joe Qiao, who was then working at the Radisson Hotel in Beijing. In his spare time he organized trips for guests. Joe appeared to be very friendly, reliable, enthusiastic and a good driver. Moreover he spoke, for a Chinese person, rather good English.

After our return to the Netherlands we stayed in contact with him. Several months later, he informed us that he was now focused on his guiding service full-time. Meanwhile he has followed several tourist courses, causing him to know a lot of interesting details to tell and nowadays he is able to speak good English.

During our second visit to Beijing in 2007 we again made use of his excellent services.

I promised Joe to make a website for him. I do this, of course, as a favor for Joe without making any profit whatsoever. All your suggestions, feedback and comments are welcome.

Under Trips you will find the trips that he offers. Other possibilities are of course negotiable.

In November 2012 we make a trip in China and of course we have visited Joe and have a great time with him.

Go to the page Contact in order to contact Joe in English or Chinese.