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Great Wall Beijing / Peking

The Chinese wall is one of the most famous sights in the world and is the biggest tourist attraction in China. For Chinese people it became a tourist attraction after Mao's words, "Who has not visited the Great Wall is not a real Chinese."

The Chinese wall runs from the sea at Shanaiguan Globi to Jiayuguan in the desert. The oldest part of the wall was built in the 7th century BC. Around 1500 was built the last part of the wall. The longest section of the wall is 5000 km long. The wall is not 1 piece. In North China there are also areas of the wall. The reason for the construction of the wall is that the Huns / Nomads were a threat to China.

The wall is never discovered totally. With aerial and satellite photos they have been able to calculate the length of the wall. The entire wall with extended pieces has a length of 6,400 km. The height is 7 to 8 meters and the width is about 6.5 meters. There are more than 1300 towers.

From Beijing you can visit with Joe the next four places:

  1. Badaling
  2. Mutianyu
  3. Simatai
  4. Jinshanling